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AWS Well Architected Review and Remediation

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AWS Premier Consulting Partner & Managed Service Provider

Ensure that your AWS environment is configured in accordance with AWS best practices, Security, Cost Optimization, Operational Excellence, Reliability, Sustainability and Performance Efficiency.


  • Ensure that your critical applications work according to AWS best practices.

  • Tangible outcomes - for example, removal of any security risks identified; average reduction of over 20% in monthly spend.

  • Remain focused on delivering value to your customers

  • Limited time offer for ISVs: Get up to $10,000 credits


Your business needs and requirements are constantly evolving, your cloud environment is always changing, and so are the risks to which your business is exposed - whether they originate in an honest mistake, a malicious attack or something in between. It is crucial to verify that your cloud environment is built and executed correctly, both through specific periodic checks and whenever you make a significant change to your cloud configuration.

Automat-IT's AWS Well-Architected Review and Remediation gives you the ability to do just that, with minimal investment of time and money. Automat-IT has five certified solution architects who have executed AWS Well-Architected Reviews for dozens of customers, from startups to large enterprises. As a leading AWS partner, Automat-IT has a well-established process, advanced tools and extensive knowledge to make sure that the review and remediation are successful.

How it Works

The review begins with a short expectation-setting meeting with a certified architect. Next, selected workloads and pillars are reviewed in accordance with your business needs - we recommend starting with security and cost optimization. Once a remediation plan is agreed, Automat-IT's team of certified DevOps engineers will implement it, and you're all done.

Note: In many cases, AWS funds for a Well-Architected Review suffice and there is no further cost associated with the review and remediation.

Limited time offer for ISVs: Get up to $10,000 credits.

Previous Outcomes

In the course of a particular Security Pillar review, we discovered sensitive resources that were exposed to the world, mainly due to a Security Group (FW) misconfiguration. As well taking immediate action, we put in place measures to ensure that such a misconfiguration wouldn't happen again, and used AWS Configured to automatically remove problematic security group entries.

In the course of Cost Pillar review, we discovered dozens of unused and underutilized resources in the customer's accounts - EBS Volumes, ePS Snapshots, EC2 instances and RDS/Aurora databases. Once remediated, the customer saved 20% ($15K).

In the course of a Reliability Pillar review, we found concrete risks due to self-managed services. To remedy this, we switched to AWS-managed services, moving databases from EC2 to AWS Aurora and RDS, NFS servers to EFS, and self-managed Kubernetes clusters to EKS.

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