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The complete 'DevOps in a box' package. Starting in Dev and finishing in Pord, in speed, autmatically and in self-service. Test your code in Pipeline and deliver it automatically to EaaS, manage all environments versions complexities, on all clouds, and legacy, supports all common APIs, the most current Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices tech and tools, and what's to come next.

EaaS + Pipeline

Automat-IT EaaS + Pipeline Bundle is a comprehensive infrastructure as code approach for DevOps either starting fresh, catching up or seeking eficiencies. This innovative solution will alow you to prod in speed, out of the box, now!

Automat-IT EaaS + Pipeline Bundle was created leveraging years of experience in the most complex IT organizations, managing DevOps for the most advanced software companies,
and working with developers, system engineers, architects and executives to
bring a holistic, self service, automated, quick and reliable environment that works
for every stakeholder, on time and on budget. 




Self Service environment with no need for infrastructure handling.

Error Reduction


The pipeline multiple stages ensures error elimination


Automated environment with no human intervention.

CI Support

Supports CI for automated testing.

Quick & Reliable


Run an environment in 15 minutes



Goes on and off automatically whenever, anywhere.  You decide.

Find Bugs


The sooner you find bugs the better, pipeline is built for that

Superior Testing

Test once, trust forever



Pipeline delivers code to your CI environment automatically

Better Quality


Eliminate downtime, friendly UI

Automat-IT EaaS + Automat-IT Pipeline Topography

Automat-IT EaaS Topography 2019-2.png

EaaS + Pipeline

Version 2018-04

Automat-IT Pipeline Tophgraphy 2018-4

Get Started with

EaaS + Pipeline


EaaS+Pipeline Pricing

EaaS Starter

Kickstart your startup delivery in the major leagues, EaaS + Pipeline Bundle allows for a complete comprehensive DevOps approach that until now was not available to startups. Here you have almost everything you'll need when it comes to DevOps.  

EaaS Business

What's up to now was available only with a long a complex internal self development or as a system integrator project, is offered at the infrastructure as a code bundle that covers most of your DevOps needs out of the box ready to work. Try It Now.

EaaS Enterprise

A comprehensive DevOps in a box solution to cover most of your needs in one software that untangles IT complexity and allow easy code delivery even at the most complex legacy burdened IT organizations as if with a magic wand support current technologies nad APIs and whats to come.   

EaaS + Pipeline Pricing
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