Automat-it achieves updated security certification: ISO 27001: 2022


Advanced data security: peace of mind  for your business

We’re very pleased to announce that Automat-it has achieved accreditation for ISO 27001: 2022, the latest iteration of the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). 

This certification signifies our commitment to safeguarding business data using the most robust security practices available and underlines our expertise in this area. 

Why is ISO 27001 Important for businesses?

In today’s digital age, cyber threats are a constant concern for businesses of all sizes. Data breaches can have devastating consequences, leading to financial losses, reputational damage, and even legal repercussions. 

Implementing an ISMS based on ISO 27001 standards provides a framework for organizations to:

  • Systematically identify and assess information security risks
  • Implement appropriate controls to mitigate those risks
  • Continuously improve their information security policies and processes  

Automat-it’s CTO, Yoav Zuri, comments: “By achieving ISO 27001:2022 certification, we’re demonstrating our dedication to information security at the highest level. We are 100% committed to protecting our customers’ data using a comprehensive and up-to-date security framework.”

Key changes in the 2022 Revision

The core principles of ISO 27001 remain consistent, focusing on establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an ISMS. However, the 2022 revision introduces some key changes:

Focus on stakeholders: the standard now emphasizes considering the information security needs of all relevant parties, not just internal management. This ensures a more holistic approach to security that takes into account the needs of customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

Enhanced planning: greater emphasis is placed on planning ISMS processes and how they interact with each other. This promotes a more integrated and efficient security system.

Clearer communication: definitions and terminology have been aligned with other ISO standards for better consistency and improved communication across different departments and organizations.

Streamlined security controls

One of the most significant changes in ISO 27001: 2022 is the revision of Annex A, which outlines the security controls that organizations can implement. Their organization has been streamlined into four core themes:

Organizational controls: these controls focus on governance, policies, roles, and responsibilities related to information security within the organization.

People controls: these controls address employee awareness, training, and behavior to ensure a security-conscious workforce.

Physical controls: these controls aim to protect physical assets such as buildings, equipment, and storage media from unauthorized access, damage, or theft.

Technical controls: these controls focus on safeguarding information systems, networks, and applications from cyberattacks, malware, and other threats.

Addressing new and emerging threats

The 2022 revision introduces 11 new controls addressing emerging security challenges. These new controls cover areas such as:

  • Information security roles and responsibilities
  • Secure system engineering principles
  • Restrictions on software installation

Our dedication to your safety and security

By choosing a company certified in ISO 27001: 2022, like Automat-it, you gain peace of mind knowing that the latest information security practices protect your data. Here are some key benefits:

Enhanced data security: your data is safeguarded by a comprehensive and up-to-date ISMS framework.

Reduced risk of breaches: implementing robust security controls significantly reduces the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.

Improved compliance: Automat-it’s adherence to ISO 27001 standards helps you comply with relevant data privacy regulations.

Final thoughts…

Achieving ISO 27001: 2022 certification is a testament to Automat-it’s commitment to information security excellence. 

By partnering with us, you can be confident that your data is safe and protected by the most advanced security practices available. Contact us for more information.