Automat-it Achieves 300 AWS Certifications: our commitment to delivering exceptional cloud solutions

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We are pleased to announce that we have achieved 300 AWS certifications. 

This milestone underlines our commitment to providing exceptional cloud solutions and further strengthens our position as a leading AWS Premier Tier Partner. 

Demonstrating expertise through certification

Earning 300 AWS certifications represents a substantial investment in employee training and development. Each certification signifies a rigorous vetting process and in-depth knowledge of specific AWS services. 

This comprehensive understanding allows our team to design and implement highly innovative cloud solutions tailored to our customers’ business requirements.

At Automat-it we actively encourage a culture of continuous learning and development. This ensures our team remains at the forefront of AWS advancements, allowing us to leverage the latest technologies to empower our customers’ business growth.

Benefits for our customers

Our AWS certifications translate into significant advantages for our customers, enhancing their operational efficiency, reducing costs, and driving innovation. Here are the key benefits they can expect:

Enhanced efficiency: our extensive AWS expertise allows us to design and deploy solutions with precision, reducing project timelines and accelerating time-to-market.

Cost savings: by optimizing AWS resources and leveraging best practices, we help our customers achieve significant cost savings.

Innovative solutions: our deep knowledge of AWS services enables us to create cutting-edge solutions tailored to specific business needs.

Continuous improvement: with a focus on ongoing learning and development, our team stays updated on the latest AWS advancements, ensuring our customers benefit from the most cutting edge and effective solutions.

Strategic advantage: our commitment to excellence and continuous certification growth gives our customers a strategic advantage in their cloud initiatives and projects. 

Anton Mishyn, VP of Global Delivery at Automat-it comments: 

“We’re beyond proud of our incredible Automat-it team! Their relentless dedication to constant learning and professional growth has helped us reach this incredible milestone. Achieving this number of AWS certifications isn’t just a win for us—it’s a game-changer for our customers, supercharging their growth and success with the best-in-class support and technical expertise they deserve!”