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Kubernetes Services

Get the right Kubernetes solution to your business needs

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AWS Premier Consulting Partner & Managed Service Provider

Automat-IT is your partner from the first Kubernetes and Cloud  implementation to supporting your operations full time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our integrated team of architects, engineers and developers specializes in building the right solution to your business needs by:​

  1. Building cost-effective secure and highly available solutions

  2. Reducing time to market of your products

  3. Increasing release quality

With Automat-IT's Services you can be assured of:

DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud

Certified Engineers

Stay available and secure 24×7 access with our expert cloud engineers.

DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud

Expert Operations

Best practice systems to monitor, backup, and secure your cloud.

DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud

Next-Gen Tech

Leverage our DevOps building blocks to quickly automate your IT operations.

DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud

Cost Assurance

Lower cloud TCO and optimize resources with expert support and tools.

Kubernetes Done Right

Kubernetes Done Right

Automat-IT has deep hands-on experience in Kubernetes. This knowledge was built from successful deliveries done to hundreds of customers, ranging from startups to large enterprises, where Kubernetes is pivotal in most of them. We’ve handled sophisticated Kubernetes setups handling a mixed workload of both CPU and GPU node groups with complex scaling requirements and Kubernetes clusters in security-regulated environments.


With vast experience in successful architecture and implementation of containers in general and Kubernetes in particular, Automat-IT offers a variety of services and solutions - training, consulting, implementation and support.


We work with you at the design, implementation and support phases of the project to ensure the Kubernetes solution that was chosen is right for your business needs and operates properly in the Production

  • Architecting a cost-effective solution, taking into account your scaling needs

  • Design a secure solution for your containers workload to match your business, technical and regulatory requirements

  • Build a robust monitoring system to continuously monitor and adjust your workload as needs change and to reveal issues as early as possible

  • Support your workload after its deployed by Kubernetes specialists to handle technical change requests or business change requests

Outcome: A fully-configured and automated cloud environment, including your application code.

We conduct a thorough handover to the customer, explaining the usage of the artifacts. Many of our customers choose to use our day-two services such as 24/7 DevOps NOC and ongoing support services.


For more detailed information, please refer to our cloud solutions (HERE)


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