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Israel Nature and  Parks Authority Marketing Website Infrastructure Construction on AWS Cloud Platform Yields 500% Growth in Traffic


Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority was founded in April 1998 and manages the nature reserves and national parks of Israel. The Nature and Parks Authority oversees 530 nature reserves and parks, stretching across 6 billion square meters (6 million metric dunams/1.5 million acres) covering 25 percent of Israel’s landmass.


While the website became more centric to the operation of the Nature and Parks Authority, it became clear that its performance and stability were not up to the mark. As a result, the Nature and Parks Authority contacted Automat-IT in 2019 to construct the infrastructure of its website. The main goals were improved scalability and stability. Later on, following the outburst of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, government regulations dictated that every visit will be scheduled on the website before arrival.


Working together, Nature and Parks Authority and Automat-IT pinned down the actual requirements for website stabilization, introduction of more automation in the SDLC, standardization of processes and introduction of new functionality for scheduling visits.


In the first phase, Automat-IT completed infrastructure construction for the Nature and Parks Authority's website. The construction was done on the AWS cloud. The project included characterization of a solution, development and implementation of the solution with the full workload running on AWS cloud. As part of the SLA, Automat-IT provides the site with end-to-end service, including incident response and 24/7 support for issues through a Network Operations Center (NOC) operated by the company. The new system uses managed services from AWS and includes an automation solution from Automat-IT.


Building on the above infrastructure, Automat-IT enabled Covid-19 compliance functionally. The implementation was greatly simplified thanks to the new automated infrastructure. Hence, the time required for the reopening of the parks to the public was shortened.


About Nature and Parks Authority

The Nature and Parks Authority provides service to tourists and is a concentration of all the tourism-related and marketing information of all the Authority's sites in Israel, including heritage sites.

The website provides information on sites, treks, campgrounds, special events and more, along with online updates and alerts regarding weather, floods, the shutting down of specific tracks and other alerts. It is also a sales site, where tickets may be purchased for site entry or special events and scheduling visits.



  1. Full compliance with all Covid-19 regulations.

  2. Marketing website traffic increased in 500% over the last year.

  3. Deployment is now automatic and takes 2 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

  4. All production technical aspects are now handled via 24/7 services.

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