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We hit the ground running through a series of hands on workshops and interviews with your team. During these, our experts will identify what your organization needs from DevOps and which elements of DevOps makes sense for your business and the phase it’s currently in.


We will:


  • Study your business’s challenges, key objectives, IT processes, and current performance

  • Familiarize ourselves with the overall lifecycle of your software development

  • Work to understand your staff’s individual skills and capabilities as well as your organization’s capacity for change


The ultimate goal during the evaluation stage is to identify critical issues and the changes required to address these issues.


Following design it’s time for the implementation stage. This encompasses everything from minor tweaks to sweeping organizational shifts.


With the tailored blueprint in hand, our experienced architects, designers, and development consultants will work closely with your team in order to achieve high-quality results that are both scalable and sustainable.


We focus on putting best practices in place to ensure immediate as well as long-term success.



Throughout the entire process we will work hand in hand with your team.

Knowledge sharing is bidirectional.

We learn everything needed about your business, organization, challenges, etc to propose the optimal solution.

We discuss best practices for each stage based on our experience with hundreds of customers.



After the evaluation phase, we enter the design phase. This is when the long-term vision for your remodeled IT system comes together.
During this stage, we will work closely with your team to:

  • Outline the priorities for the next stage and define implementation needs

  • Identify upcoming challenges and assess the opportunities and resources at hand

  • Address short- and long-term goals

  • A reviewed updated system architecture to make sure it aligns with global CI/CD pipelines and best DevOps practices

  • Create prototypes of deployment view of the system 

  • Define high-level security goals and approaches, identify DMZ and internal subnets
    At the end of the design phase, we’ll have a blueprint that will guide the transformation of your organization.



The management stage is when we keep the ball rolling. We make sure your needs are met and help your organization foster the adoption and implementation of DevOps principles.


This includes:


  • Providing on-site project managers or mentors and further staff training as needed

  • Establishing the type of management resources that will help your business

  • Post-implementation reviews that will fine tune your DevOps blueprint and set the course for any further iterations that might be needed

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