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We carefully recommend and choose the technology stack we adopt to ensure the use of an optimal set of solutions to solve the need of our clients.


Our team of experts are trained and skilled in a wide range of platforms and toolsets. Over time, we evaluated and partnered with a selection of industry-recognized, best-of-breed vendors in which we have developed expertise and strong relationships for the benefit of our clients.

Public Clouds

AWS  | Azure  | Google  | Rackspace

Configuration Management

Chef | Puppet | Ansible | Salt | Terraform

Source Control

Git | GitHub | SVN | TFS | ClearCase | Bitbucket

Deployment Tools

Fabric | Capistrano | Chef Delivery


Compose | Registry

Docker Managers

Kubernetes | Swarm | Fleet | Mesos

Web Server

Tomcat | IIS | Apache | NodeJs | Jetty | Nginx

Project Management

Atlasssian (JIRA and confluence) | ClearQuest


Ruby | Python | PowerShell | Bash | JScript | Perl | Groovy

Continuous Integration

Jenkins | Hudson (Oracle) | CruiseControl | Team City


Selenium (UI Tests) | Jmeter (API / Performance Tests) | Junit (Unit Tests) | Sonar (Code Analyses) | Fortify | Mocha JS (QUnit)


Atlassian suite with IDE’s

Building Tools

Maven | Ant | Graden | Rake | PIP


Zabbix | Zenoss | Elastic stack

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