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Automat-IT constructed infrastructure for the Israel Nature & Parks Authority on AWS Cloud Platform

Updated: Apr 2

Automat-IT, the industry leader in the field of DevOps and Cloud, has completed construction of infrastructure for the Nature and Parks Authority's website, on an AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud.

The project, which took five months, included the characterization of a solution, development and implementation of the solution and transfer of the full workload to the cloud. As part of the SLA, Automat-IT will provide the site with end-to-end service, including incident response and 24/7 support for issues through a Network Operations Center (NOC) operated by the company.

The new system uses managed services from AWS and includes an automation solution from Automat-IT.

The Nature and Parks Authority provides service to tourists and is a concentration of all the tourism-related and marketing information of all the Authority's sites in Israel, including heritage sites. Beyond information about sites and treks, the website provides information on campgrounds, special events and more, along with online updates and alerts regarding weather, floods, the shutting down of specific tracks and other alerts. It is also a sales site, where tickets may be purchased for site entry or special events.

Oren Ben Horin, CIO at the Nature and Parks Authority, says: "Our website, as a hub for local as well as international tourists, is defined as a critical website which is very important. It's a very dynamic website which provides real-time information in a variety of areas. As such, the site has to carry changing and heavy workloads in times of emergency as well as on holidays or vacation, where dozens of events take place every day. Naturally, a massive amount of users is on the site every day, and many content editors manipulate its content simultaneously.

We attribute great importance to the modernization process the site has undergone within the upgrading of infrastructure, and this puts us at the forefront of cloud technology, making the use of the site much easier and more accessible for the benefit of all Israeli tourists.

Automat-IT has successfully created a more secure and more reliable infrastructure, with a higher level of durability, which can handle larger workloads and a large variety of users. In addition, the new infrastructure allows the operating team to work more rapidly and efficiently, with a minimal level of daily maintenance and at lower costs.

We chose Automat-IT in light of its vast experience in building websites on AWS infrastructure and its ability to provide 24/7 support, which is critical with a company like ours."

Link to the nature and parks authority site:

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