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Automat-IT constructed VOD system at Yezreel Valley College on AWS' Cloud Platform

Automat-IT, the industry leader in the field of DevOps and Cloud, has completed the construction of a VOD (Video on Demand) system on an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud at the Max Stern Yezreel Valley College.

The system is built on AWS' Elemental Media Services, and is fully based on server-less technology. The project made extensive use of Lambda, Lambda SES, S3, DynamoDB, @EDGE, and CloudFront.

Taking two months to complete, the project provides an end-to-end solution which included: full characterization of environment, adaptation of the system to the College's design package and implementation on all mobile platforms and current browsers.

The system, designated for academic content, is currently available to all 5,000 college students as well as faculty, and is scalable to meet future requirements.

Adi Elia, IT System Administrator at Yezreel Valley College, said: "Thanks to the new system, students and faculty can obtain any academic information needed, including filmed lectures and videos from anywhere and at any time – this makes studying more efficient and allows students to keep up and catch up on any missed material resulting from absence related to illness, military service, maternity leave and the likes.

The solution is fully managed through AWS Managed Services, and does not require operation or maintenance of servers or infrastructure. The system requires practically no maintenance, and can cope with extreme fluctuations in load, including very high loads, without need for change or configuration, enabling flexibility and efficiency for students and faculty. As we enter the second decade of the twenty-first century, it was important to us to choose a solution that would lead the College and its methods forward. Choosing Automat-IT was natural, thanks to its vast experience and extensive knowledge of AWS infrastructures."

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