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Automat-IT EaaS Demo - Dev & QA Env. for System with Microservices Architecture

Creating a Dev and QA environments for a new application version, then QA, test and deploy.

  • Automates cloud-based deployment process.

  • Easily create Dev and QA environments for complex system with microservices architecture.

  • Selecting a specific version of docker containers per service from Nexus repository (Docker Registry).

  • Deploy on specific target environment (Dev or QA) - run together under Docker Compose\Kubernetes orchestration.

Demo Summary

  • Custom environments with deployed and ready to use product versions for Dev/QA or other needs.

  • Configure environment specific parameters.

  • Integrated with various types of artifact management repositories and registry formats such as Sonatype Nexus and Docker registry format.

Demo Benefits

  • Self-service - QA, Dev, and Ops function upgrade/launch env. by themselves.

  • Automatic deployment with no human errors.

  • Prod in speed - minutes compared to days and weeks.

  • On / Off - keep cloud cost down.

  • Automatic scheduling.

  • Simplified env. management.

Email me at to schedule a one-on-one demo meeting.