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Automat-IT is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Automat-IT is delighted to announce that it is today an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Now, Automat-IT could even better, serve its vast network on AWS customers, and it demonstrates the commitment the company has to AWS, and to be on the forefront of AWS technology and services.

"The AWS Partner Network is imperative to our company's growth, as companies move to the cloud, or a hybrid architecture, we help them make the most of the cloud, and have an efficient cloud implementation," added Ziv Kashtan, Automat-IT's CEO, "we are vendor neutral but work closely with key partners like AWS, to offer the best and most updated technologies to our customers."

Automat-IT takes great care that every engineer in the company is certified, to make sure they are fully updated with the latest technology offerings.

For more about Automat-IT 'the DevOps company' go to

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