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Automat-IT Joins NUMA Accelerator to Take Part in a Strong Investors and Enterprise Network


tch line: Automat-IT is a DevOps software company solving long-standing challenges with Dev, QA, and Prod environments, improving environment provision time from days and weeks to 15 minutes. Its product EaaS is an automatic, self-service, and fast Environment as a Service to provision and manage environments in organizations large and small.

Bottom line: Automat-IT has a proven track record as they have already worked with large scale customers in the insurance industry, a stock exchange, and a large healthcare technology company. Automat-IT is focusing on delivering value to new U.S. based clients as they are positioned to gain traction and success in NYC as they grow.

NUMA New York works with growth-stage startups to achieve scale within the U.S. and global markets. During the program, startups participate in workshops that tackle the best strategies to scale their businesses and in events that immerse them into the local tech ecosystem.

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