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Automat-IT EaaS Supports IBM Cloud Private - ICP

Today Automat-IT announces support for IBM Cloud Private - ICP. Automat-IT EaaS is an automatic and self-service environment as a service you can provision in 15 minutes or less for Dev, QA, Test, Training and Prod environments. Support all major APIs for public and private clouds.

Watch Automat-IT EaaS on IBM Cloud Private Demo: Country Info & Motto Kubernetes Env. with ICP.

This is an example of creating Kubernetes deployment provisioning with Eaas yet EaaS can provision environments with VM, VPN, Load Balancer, etc.

Country Info Demo:

- Version A.b of country info+motto

- Check on ICP Management Console

- Update source code and tag new version in Bitbucket

- Process dev code to production-ready build artifact on Automat-IT Pipeline

- Provision new environment from scratch with EaaS

- New version A.b+1 environment is created and deployed Check on ICP control

- Outline complexities with ICP- numerous stages, networking, Kubernetes and other IT/DevOps knowledge needed vs automation, self-service and speed with Eaas

More info about EaaS:

To set up a live demo meeting go to:

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