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DevOps Team Leader

Automat-IT is looking for a DevOps Team Leader to join our growing team

The team leader conducts training on junior DevOps engineers  on how to build processes where dependencies are represented clearly in code. The DevOps Engineer plays an operational role by troubleshooting issues in development systems and is also responsible for the architecture and technical leadership of the entire DevOps infrastructure.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have at least 5 years of working experience in a DevOps capacity, preferably as a DevOps Engineer.  The candidate must also have had experience automating the managing large-scale infrastructure and have significant familiarity with Puppet. The candidate will have had vast experience in systems automation, orchestration, deployment, and implementation. He will have had experience using Jenkins and Linux as well as experience configuring and automating monitoring tools. The candidate must similarly demonstrate experience in software development and experience working with tools and languages such as MySQL, SaaS, Git, Python, Shell scripting, Java, and MongoDB. The team leader will need to have exceptional communication skills that allow him to effectively execute his supervisory duties to the junior DevOps teams. Good communication skills in this case will guarantee that he clearly conveys information and instructions in a clear manner, which will in turn determine the performance of the junior team.

Job Requirements & Qualifications:

  • Strong understanding of Docker managers (Kubernetes, SWARM) - must.

  • Extensive knowledge of Linux server environments.

  • Good understanding and knowledge of automation/configuration management systems (Puppet, Chef, or Ansible is an advantage).

  • Knowledge and experience with Continuous Integration/Deployment best practices and servers (Jenkins).

  • Working with version control systems (Git).

  • Experience with Artifacts management (Artifactory/Nexus - an advantage).

  • Working with AWS, Azure, GCP

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