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EaaS Making Inroads

Insurance companies, training organizations and pre-sale engineers provision Automat-IT EaaS automatic and self-service environments in 15 min. 

Since we launched EaaS earlier in the year, we have found tremendous excitement from CIOs and DevOps professionals. I’d like to share some of these experiences with you. We have identified four segments that we divide into early adopters and early majority.

Early Adopters

Training organizations - with multiple courses and students in many locations, training organizations use EaaS today to run never possible before, scalable and complex courses, where a trainer can launch an env. through self-service by him or herself with no tech support needed, and add or remove a student on the fly. On top of that, students train to be "battle ready" in a Prod like environment. To learn more about EaaS in training organizations click here.

Pre-sale engineering groups - Off-site presales teams~ Pre-sale engineering groups - Off-site presales teams launch EaaS environments today in 15 minutes or less to set up secure and reliable demos to help close deals quickly. Thanks to the built-in scheduler they are also saving on their cloud budgets. To learn more about EaaS in Enterprise click here.

Early Majority

Insurance companies - EaaS is perfect for tangled-net IT environments notorious for their complexities. EaaS makes it easier and faster to launch Dev and QA environments for our insurance customers. Time to market with apps and services is more important than ever because of regulation, security, competition, and customers demand -- making EaaS a powerful tool for insurers. To learn more about EaaS in Insurance companies click here.

Startups - As a startup, your goal is to get your MVP out there. Why spend time building your infrastructure if you can source it for less and let it scale with you as you grow. Our startup customers pay a starter fee which significantly helps them get up and running and prod in speed. To learn more about EaaS in Enterprise click here.

Build vs Buy?

We have been building environments for organizations just like yours for years. We found that no matter what IT complexity we deal with,  most of the environment requirements are quite similar across companies. That’s why we decided to offer Environment as a Service - infrastructure as code. Basically,  an off-the-shelf product you buy and use. It’s cost-effective, supports legacy systems and the latest technologies such as Dockers and Kubernetes, all the leading APIs, as well as what’s coming next.

Most importantly, an Environment is not part of your core business. just like the Internet,  it is a service you should use as you focus on your core IP. We’d love to be your environment provider.

Let's talk

If your company or group falls within these segments, we have to talk. If it doesn't, you want to be ahead of the curve so let's talk.

To set up a demo meeting with one of our architects click here

I look forward to talking to you soon,


Rami Rinot VP Sales and Business Development Automat-IT

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