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Financial Services: Poalim Bank

Like most of the Banking and Finance Companies, relies on old technologies & processes (DevOps = CI, CT, CD) decides one day to get in line with the latest technologies, implementation of innovative development processes and making automation for a big part of the processes between developer commit till the code is deploy at production.

The Challenge

The Bank is not similar to high-tech company as we know, it have many types of development teams, Each team has its own tools, the working methods comforts him and sometimes even its own advisers. Trying to standardize and implement processes that will apply to all or at least for most of them is a challenge.

The Solution was to ‘attack’ it with small steps:

  • Tools Decisions (Atlassian suite that include bitbucket, jira, confluence, Jenkins and Chef)Find POC team (1 development team / 5 employees)- running with all above tools for a month

  • Pilot (3 development teams / 150 employees) – 3 months

  • Roadmap till the end of 2017 (approx. 800 developers)

Our Goals at that project were :

  • Define and implement DevOps Methodologies

  • Define Source control branch module

  • Create generic pipeline for full automation process

  • Implement Automation processes to achieve better quality and time to market

  • CI Integration Triggers and Reports

  • Installation and Configuration of all the chosen 3rd party applications (Confluence, Jira, BitBucket, Jenkins, Chef, Splunk …)

  • Full integrations to the bank network and security / Domain / AD / DB’s etc.

  • Leading CI teams with building the Jenkins Jobs and recommendations from our side.

  • Integration between developer IDEA to all new 3rd parties application.

  • Writing Full documentations for System Admins and for Development team.

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