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Live Webinar - Automat-IT EaaS Demo - Dev & QA Environment for Microservices Architecture

“ IT environments are becoming increasingly complex as applications become distributed, multi-cloud and accessible across a variety of different endpoints, IoT, mobile, etc. Replicating and managing environments is an issue as organizations scale.” (Shashi Kiran, Forbes, 2018).In this live demo walk-through we will create Dev and QA environments for a new application version, then show how we QA, test and deploy. We will demonstrate how Automat-IT EaaS:

  • Automates cloud-based deployment process.

  • Easily create Dev and QA environments for complex system with a microservices architecture.

  • Selecting a specific version of docker containers per service from Nexus repository (Docker Registry). 

  • Deploy on specific target environment (Dev or QA) - run together under Docker Compose Kubernetes orchestration.

  • Review of EaaS Security module.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018  2pm EST / 11am PST 30min (English)

Thursday, May 17, 2018  4pm Israel Daylight Time 30min (עברית)

RSVP here:

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