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New Environment in 15 min. or Less

Automat-IT EaaS - Environment as-a-Service allows you to Dev, QA, Test, Stage and Prod quickly, reliably and at a fraction of the cost. Imagine doing things in minutes instead of days and weeks.

We provide an environment that amplifies your organization's creativity and eliminates IT complexity.

FORRESTER - " Managing Environments: IT environments are becoming increasingly complex as applications become distributed, multi-cloud and accessible across a variety of different endpoints, IoT, mobile, etc. Replicating and managing environments is an issue as organizations scale.”


Lead QA Engineer, Tech Startup: Toward the end of the day we found an integration problem in version 7.09, within 15 minutes we had 7.09 installed for testing, we’ve figured out the problem and had it back up and running in a record time. No need to talk to IT, run Networks or call our DBAs, no need to change IP address, or interfaces just to get a working environment. As a team, we are functioning better, and have better relations with our counterparts”

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