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Oleksii Bebych Nominated AWS Ambassador

We are very proud to announce that Oleksii Bebych has been nominated as an AWS Ambassador.

The AWS Partner Ambassador Program enables employees of AWS Partners to become technical experts in various domains. Oleksii is now part of an elite group of fewer than 250 people worldwide.

Oleksii is one of the first employees of Automat-IT. He is currently a team leader in the delivery and his deep hands-on knowledge in AWS is only matched with his passion to share this knowledge with customers and other employees in the company. Oleksii is also passionate about taking the knowledge and best practices he gained by delivering numerous projects and implementing them into Automat-IT solutions and infrastructures. One example of this is the Automat-IT AWS Landing Zone solution he initiated and drove to successful implementation.

Oleksii is also a big believer in doing things right the first time with the right processes. As such, he was one of the driving forces behind the recent achievement of obtaining AWS DevOps Competency (2020), AWS Migration Competency (2021) and AWS Well-Architected (2021).

Oleksii has been with Automat-IT since July 2020. From the first day he showed his technical and managerial skills as well as a keen desire to share the knowledge and focus on customer satisfaction. Oleksii is a true evangelist of AWS. Oleksii holds 11 certifications and has done numerous lectures and blogs on AWS.

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