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Recruitment Coordinator

Automat-IT is looking for a Recruitment Coordinator to join our growing team.

Automat-IT is a software, consulting and integration company, specializing in end to end DevOps Automations and Cloud Solutions.

We are looking for a Recruitment Coordinator, With experience in Sourcing.

You will be responsible for finding creative ways to reach leading talent, headhunt and direct messaging approach, and overall development of technical talent pools, classify relevant CV, Conduct phone and frontal interviews, keep candidates up-to-date and informed throughout the hiring process, ongoing work with technology experts, interviewers and executives


  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field

  • 3-5 year experience as a technical recruiter

  • Experience with sourcing tools, including social and professional networks

  • Great interpersonal skills and teamwork

  • Independence and ability to lead processes

  • High-level of English

Apply today:

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