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Senior DevOps Engineer (Ukraine)

Automat-IT is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to join our growing team. 

We are a company working on the cutting edge technology

.we invest lots of resources in making you - our current and future employment with the best knowledge and possible 2020 tools With us you will have an exciting and challenging job in a fast-growing DevOps company Pure DevOps focus — an opportunity to work with cutting edge DevOps tools and technologies, to be innovative and to learn High salary and personal growth/development plans Benefits package (medical insurance, paid 20 vacation days, gym membership, compensation for English courses) Corporate parties, team buildings At your responsibilities:  Participate in developing SDLC pipelines Participate in developing build automation flows Participate in developing continuous release and deployment automation flows Automate AWS (and optionally GCP or Azure) resources and infrastructure provisioning Maintain infrastructures and environments of all types from dev to production Security monitoring and administration Be innovative, learn new tools, systems and best practices, propose your own ideas Requirements: 2+ years of experience with AWS Experience with Docker containers Experience with Kubernetes Experience with Infrastructure as code (Terraform , CloudFormation, etc.) Configuration Management experience (Puppet, Chef, Ansible) CI experience (Jenkins, TeamCity) Experience with version control systems (Git or similar) Deep Linux OS knowledge Network troubleshooting and configuration skills (DNS, HTTP, SSL, TCP/IP, etc.) Web servers knowledge (Apache, Nginx) Scripting skills with either of Bash, KSH, Python, PowerShell Understanding of SDLC Intermediate English language proficiency Being a team player Good communication skills

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Phone: +380 93 524 4633

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