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Software Development: Comm-IT

Copia was one of the largest ‘Comm-IT’ project, but that project was very complicated with lots of components and each delivery for production was really nightmare, lots of people were working to upgrade versions at production site, and each version upgrade took at least 2 weeks.

The Challenge 

The main issue was to find the best solution for short deployment time, and make sure the progress start with developer and all testing will run on integration environment. More then that it was a request for staging (production like) environment to simulate real production.

The Solution

Define full automation process from developer commit till production deployment

The Theme:  Present the theme in detail. You may provide an example, layout a bit of general business theory about the theme, explain design considerations and alternative approaches, and why these alternatives where not chosen. 

The Implementation

  • Step1 – create working space for developers, all developers will work with the same tools and environment

  • Step 2 – Define source control methodology for parallel working

  • Step 3 - Implement tools for project managers and developers .

  • step 4 – Create production environment using open source tools


  • DevOps and agile methodologies were implemented . Tool that support such process were selected, SVN, Jenkins, Artifactory, Puppet.

  • Production today include 25-30 servers at US area, and more 15-20 servers at Australia area, all managed with Puppet as configuration manager, and update new version to all servers takes less than 5 min.

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