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Watch Automat-IT EaaS + Pipeline CountryInfo Demo on AWS EKS

Automat-IT EaaS is an automatic, self-service and fast Environment as a Service to provision and manage Dev, QA, Test, Demo, Training and Prod environments. Supporting Kubernetes and all major APIs.

  • PHP web application

  1. Main CountryInfo - web app

  2. Country Motto - microservice

  • CountryInfo is deployed automatically on managed Kubernetes cluster (AWS EKS) by Automat-IT EaaS

  • CI is implemented using Automat-IT Pipeline deployed on a dedicated k8s namespace, integrated with BitBucket

  • Sonatype Nexus is deployed on a dedicated k8s namespace, exposed for Automat-IT EaaS and Pipeline

Presenter: Anton Mishyn, R&D Director, Automat-IT

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