Empowering Startups: Automat-it’s Role in Turning Dreams into Reality

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Die enge Zusammenarbeit mit Automat-it auf dem AWS Marketplace war der Schlüssel zum Abschluss eines großen Geschäfts.

In the dynamic world of startups, seizing the right opportunity can make all the difference. Often, startups face challenges that seem insurmountable, from tight deadlines to resource constraints. But, in such times, true partnerships can be a game-changer. Today, we’re excited to share an inspiring success story that highlights AIT’s pivotal role in helping a startup capitalize on a remarkable opportunity.

The Startup’s Challenge

Imagine a promising startup armed with an innovative solution poised to disrupt an industry. Their aspiration was to secure a transformative agreement with an established enterprise, a milestone that could propel them to the forefront of their field. There was a catch, though – time was of the essence, and the pressure was palpable. Foreworth, a startup whose vision is maximizing ROI on software development by unveiling actionable insights, was exactly in this state.

Automat-it stepped in and worked hand in hand with Foreworth CTO to have the solution ready for the marketplace just in time to close the deal with the large enterprise. The consultancy approach and guided expertise of Automat-it allowed Foreworth to deliver against the deadlines.

What’s next?

Now Automat-it will be working with Foreworth Sales Director to achieve the next steps of the partnership and programs available at AWS and Automat-it in order to continue supporting Foreworth on their co-sell motion with AWS