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Learn about CostGPT and advanced RAG. Implementing RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) in production poses challenges like data relevance, query efficiency, and security. The first part aims to tackle these issues.
Bridging Generative AI Insights to Real-world Impact with LLM and Diffusion Models
You can do great things with machine learning, from powering chatbots and virtual assistants to treating cancer.

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Introduction In the dynamic world of software development, two powerful approaches have emerged to streamline processes and enhance collaboration: DevOps

A Guardrail (or Control) is a high-level rule that provides ongoing governance for your overall AWS environment. It’s expressed in

What is GitOps GitOps is an operational framework that uses DevOps best practices for application development, such as version control,

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Transforming the UK and Europe with DevOps: Grow your startup with Automat-it, an AWS Premier Partner

Automat-it, a prominent DevOps provider and an AWS Premier Partner, has expanded its presence to the UK and Spain with

Meet Ziv Kashtan, CEO of Cloud Solutions and DevOps Provider: Automat-it

Automat-it is one of the world’s fastest growing providers of AWS cloud solutions. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we