Automat-it improves Natterbox’s operational efficiencies by 100% at the beginning of a 3-year cloud transformation project

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Paving the way for rapid and ongoing global expansion

Natterbox, an innovative AI-powered contact center solution seamlessly integrated within Salesforce, empowers businesses to personalise customer journeys and boost agent productivity. However, their on-premise data centers needed help to keep pace with their rapid growth. The infrastructure required frequent upgrades, impacting database performance and hindering overall system efficiency. Additionally, legacy systems and a mutable infrastructure slowed down innovation and increased security risks.

Seeking a solution to these challenges, Natterbox partnered with Automat-it, an AWS Premier Tier Partner, to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud and unlock the growth potential.

Julie McLaren, VP of Technology from Natterbox, comments: “Working with Automat-it dedicated team, we reduced costs by 25% while increasing bandwidth by 1000%. We look forward to the continuation of this ongoing three-year project.”

A collaborative approach to cloud migration

Natterbox outlined its key requirements: cost optimisation, fast scaling and deployments, enhanced security, and detailed monitoring. Automat-it’s team of experts crafted a comprehensive strategy to address each of these needs.

To modernise Natterbox’s infrastructure, Automat-it is working closely with teams in Natterbox to implement efficient CI/CD pipelines and transition them to a robust and extensible infrastructure, allowing for greater flexibility and faster adaptation to changing needs as and when they evolve.

Reduced costs and improved security

Moving forward, cost optimisation is a central focus. Automat-it will help with replacing manual queues on database tables with managed queue solutions like SQS to reduce complexities and costs. Additionally, Automat-it will assist with replacing self-managed services with cost-effective managed services like RDS, further streamlining operations. By leveraging AWS Savings Plans, Natterbox was able to achieve cost savings of 25%.

Security is paramount for any cloud migration. Automat-it was essential in conducting a thorough review of Natterbox’s environment to identify and address any potential security vulnerabilities prior to the commencement of the build of the Production environment.

Ongoing success: a managed service provider partnership

Natterbox opted to further streamline its operations by taking advantage of Automat-it’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering. This comprehensive service package allows Natterbox to offload all AWS and DevOps management to a dedicated team of experts at Automat-it, including DevOps engineers, architects, subject matter experts, and a 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) team. With Automat-it handling online infrastructure, Natterbox can focus on its core business of delivering exceptional client experiences.

Soaring results through cloud migration

The partnership between Natterbox and Automat-it has far yielded remarkable results despite the relative infancy of the three-year project. Natterbox was able to leverage the global presence of AWS, expanding its regional presence from 7 to 18 locations, significantly improving its ability to serve customers worldwide. Additionally, their network bandwidth increased by 1000%, enabling seamless communication and data transfer.

The migration also resulted in a 100% improvement in operational efficiency to date and simplified project methodologies, allowing Natterbox to achieve greater agility and focus on innovation. By avoiding the need for expensive and complex End-of-Life (EOL) hardware replacement projects, Natterbox will be further optimising its costs.

Perhaps most significantly, the cloud migration has so far delivered a 25% cost reduction through AWS Savings Plans, clearly illustrating the potential for significant financial benefits through strategic cloud adoption.

Conclusion: a case study in ongoing cloud success

Natterbox’s successful cloud migration journey is a testament to the power of collaboration and expert guidance. By partnering with an expert AWS partner like Automat-it, businesses can unlock the full potential of the cloud, achieving cost optimisation, enhanced security, improved performance, and streamlined operations, while focusing on their core competencies and driving innovation.

This ongoing project has not only been a resounding success to date, but it also lays the groundwork for continued achievements, ensuring that Natterbox meets its ambitious technical and commercial goals over the coming years.

Ready to embark on your own cloud journey? Contact Automat-it today and discover how we can help your business take flight in the cloud.