C2i Enhances Security with AWS

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Como empresa innovadora en el sector de la salud, debemos cumplir los estándares de seguridad más estrictos. AWS y Automat-it proporcionaron la solución perfecta

C2i Genomics was founded in 2019, leveraging technology developed at Cornell and the New York Genome Center. The company empowers researchers, physicians, and patients with ultra-sensitive whole-genome cancer detection. C2i Genomics has a SaaS solution that uses an AWS cloud-based platform to perform global-scale cancer tumor burden monitoring, leveraging the thousands of already installed genome sequencers worldwide. Using cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs, expanding genomic and clinical databases, and sophisticated signal processing and AI, C2i Genomics enables high-precision personalized medicine, reduces cancer treatment costs, and accelerates drug development.

Recognizing the importance of the security aspects of C2i Genomics and its fast growth, frequent upgrades and design changes were essential. C2i Genomics contacted Automat-it with the main goal of rearchitecting the system to the current business needs and a secondary goal of complying with ISO 27001 and ISO 27799.

The highlights of the implemented solution are:

  1. Infrastructure hardening and templating ensures, among other things, that data will not be brought when access is compromised.
  2. Kubernetes with multiple security and high availability features.
  3. Data encryption in all layers.
  4. Security risks monitoring and prevention using Palo Alto Prisma Cloud
  5. IAM integration with Azure Active Directory and AWS IAM Identity Center,

As part of the solution, Automat-it also conducted a Well-Architected Review and Remediation. The Well-Architected Review will be done regularly to ensure continuous compliance with security best practices.


  • A secure solution aligned with the latest best practices and Information Security Management Services for Health Sector
  • Achievement of ISO27001 and ISO27799 certifications
  • Continuous security risks monitoring and prevention