OOONA Acquires New Customers Based on Innovation Enabled by AWS Services

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Con la ayuda de Automat-it, OOONA ahora puede expandir sus servicios a nivel mundial e implementar nuevas versiones del software en cuestión de minutos.

OOONA is an Israel-based company that offers an end-to-end, secure, tested, scalable, online solution for the design and execution of any media localization project and any team size. Trusted by thousands of users in over 100 countries, OOONA’s solutions facilitate the processing of tens of thousands of projects on a monthly basis.

​Being part of the ever-growing and evolving media market, OOONA recognized the need for continuous innovation, and in 2019 partnered with AWS and Automat-it. This partnership has enabled the company to be more agile in introducing new functionalities and onboarding new customers. See here for details.

Building on the secure and scalable AWS platform, OOONA’s top-of-the-line, customizable and constantly enhanced production tools, with frame-accurate streaming, are integrated with the latest language technology offerings, and compete with the best-of-breed desktop editors – with added security and user management, and without the need to download anything to the local workstation.

OOONA’s customer base continues to grow: media localizers, such as IDC, BLU, LinQ, The Kitchen and Roundabout are just a few examples of new, satisfied customers.

“Automat-it ensures that our AWS platform is continually being developed to meet our clients’ changing needs», said Wayne Garb, OOONA’s CEO. “Our successful ongoing partnership with Automat-it allows us to focus on our core business – offering the best solutions to our customers.”


  1. Fully scalable and secure platform; always on, allowing for fast and seamless onboarding of new customers.
  2. An agile culture and infrastructure that enables the speedy introduction of new functionalities.