Panjaya Quickly Onboards AI:ML to AWS Cloud, with Automat-it

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Los resultados hablan por sí solos: pasamos fácilmente de ejecutar en ordenadores locales a la producción en la nube. Automat-it es el socio perfecto para nosotros.

Panjaya is a VC-backed seed-stage startup, built by AI engineers and researchers to enable a world of global storytelling and content without borders. The company offers cutting-edge AI technology paired with professional human proofing, to drive high-quality, hyper-realistic, scalable, cost-effective video localization.

Panjaya wanted to transition to the cloud and achieve a secure environment. AWS and Automat-it were the obvious choices due to the AWS technology and Automat-it’s vast experience. The environments provide a fully tolerant, scalable solution for Panjaya’s growing platform. Automat-it also developed a fully automated CI/CD workflow, using GitHub Actions, providing a full integration and deployment workflow, from development to production.


  • A quick and pain-free migration to the cloud
  • Reducing costs by 25% using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • Automated CI/CD enabling deployment in 10 minutes