Z2A Digital Cuts Cloud Spending by 28% with Automat-it FinOps

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Con el equipo de FinOps de Automat-it, nuestros gastos en la nube siempre están bajo control.

Z2A Digital develops client-tailored solutions to acquire mobile users and maximize their value for brands worldwide. The company’s goal is to lead the industry in innovation, through an ever-changing mobile landscape. Z2A Digital aligns with its clients’ success by embracing their individual performance goals and operational constraints, using Z2A Digital’s app expertise to achieve profitable acquisition goals.

One of the main services Automat-it offers is a cost-optimization review of monthly cloud spending, carried out by its experienced FinOps team. Working together with Z2A Digital on a regular basis, Automat-it understands the customer’s needs and consumption trends. This ongoing collaboration has had several outcomes, including rightsizing, upgrading to newer-generation resources, using Saving Plans and Reserved Instances, savings via scheduling, and decommissioning unused resources.


  • Z2A Digital’s cloud spend reduced by 28%