AlgoSec Security Automation with AWS and Automat-it

Table of Contents

Notre partenariat avec Automat-it a été un grand succès. Grâce à l'engagement et à l'expertise de nos équipes DevOps et AIT DevOps, nous avons réussi à nous développer dans une nouvelle région AWS.

AlgoSec, a global cybersecurity leader, empowers organizations to secure application connectivity by automating connectivity flows and security policy anywhere.

The AlgoSec platform enables the world’s most complex organizations to gain visibility, reduce risk, achieve compliance at the application level, and process changes at zero-touch across the hybrid network.

Using its unique vendor-agnostic deep algorithm for intelligent change management automation, AlgoSec enforces application connectivity and security policy, thus preventing human errors, substantially reducing exposure to security risks, and expediting time-to-market.

As a fast-growing company with strict security requirements, AlgoSec always puts security as a top priority. Over time, this resulted in having about 100 environments and a growing amount of work to keep them all at the highest security standards. At this point, AlgoSec contacted Automat-it to maximize security automation.

The highlights of the implemented solution are:

  1. A secured Control Tower solution for all accounts, including guardrails.
  2. Compliance with ISO 27001 and ISO 27017.
  3. Centralized infrastructure provisioning and secured hybrid networking.
  4. Vulnerability scanning, threat detection, and protection.
  5. Continuous monitoring of 5 security standards:
    • CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark v1.2.0
    • AWS Foundational Security Best Practices v1.0.0
    • CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark v1.4.0
    • PCI DSS v3.2.1
    • NIST Special Publication 800-53 Revision 5

As part of the solution, Automat-it also conducted a Well-Architected Review and Remediation. The Well-Architected Review is performed regularly to ensure continuous compliance with security best practices. This project, and many others, was carried out by Automat-it’s dedicated DevOps developer for AlgoSec, working closely with AlgoSec and leveraging Automat-it’s CCoE (Cloud Center of Excellence) and Well-Architected experts.


  1. A secured solution according to the latest best practices and 5 security standards.
  2. Over 400 security checks are continuously monitored.
  3. The time to identify security vulnerabilities was reduced to 15 minutes.
  4. ISO27001 and ISO27799 certifications.