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Learn about CostGPT and advanced RAG. Implementing RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) in production poses challenges like data relevance, query efficiency, and security. The first part aims to tackle these issues.
Bridging Generative AI Insights to Real-world Impact with LLM and Diffusion Models
You can do great things with machine learning, from powering chatbots and virtual assistants to treating cancer.

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Advanced data security: peace of mind  for your business We’re very pleased to announce that Automat-it has achieved accreditation for

Introduction In the dynamic world of software development, two powerful approaches have emerged to streamline processes and enhance collaboration: DevOps

A Guardrail (or Control) is a high-level rule that provides ongoing governance for your overall AWS environment. It’s expressed in

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Transforming the UK and Europe with DevOps: Grow your startup with Automat-it, an AWS Premier Partner

Automat-it, a prominent DevOps provider and an AWS Premier Partner, has expanded its presence to the UK and Spain with

Meet Ziv Kashtan, CEO of Cloud Solutions and DevOps Provider: Automat-it

Automat-it is one of the world’s fastest growing providers of AWS cloud solutions. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we