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 Cloud Services 

 Get the right cloud solution to your business needs

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Automat-IT is your partner from the first cloud implementation to supporting your operations full time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our integrated team of architects, engineers and developers specializes in building the right solution to your business needs by:

  1. Building cost-effective solutions

  2. Reducing time to market of your products

  3. Increasing release quality

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With Automat-IT's Services you can be assured of:

DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud

Certified Engineers

Stay available and secure 24×7 access with our expert cloud engineers.

DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud

Expert Operations

Best practice systems to monitor, backup, and secure your cloud.

DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud

Next-Gen Tech

Leverage our DevOps building blocks to quickly automate your IT operations.

DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud

Cost Assurance

Lower cloud TCO and optimize resources with expert support and tools.





‘AWS migration with Automat-IT enabled Datagen to increase its business and improve customer satisfaction’

Shay Gusu, Director of Engineering


‘With the help of Automat-IT, OOONA is now able to expand its services globally and deploy new software versions in minutes.’

Wayne Garb, CEO


‘Our critical website modernization process puts us at the forefront of cloud technology, making the use of the site much easier and more accessible for the benefit of all Israeli tourists’

Oren Ben-Horin, CIO


‘We migrated from Azure to AWS to better meet our business needs. With Automat-IT services the migration was swift and pain free’

Gal Klein, CTO, Co-Founder


‘Combining the functionality of AWS with the professionalism of Automat-IT proved to be a winning formula for XRHealth’

Tal Arbel, VP Product


‘We’ve cut our cloud spending by 50% by migrating to AWS with Automat-IT as our partner’

 Daniel Schuldenfrei, Head of R&D


‘Automat-IT knew how to bring the best solution to our business needs. Our partnership with Automat-IT allowed us to focus on our core functionality'

Ohad Zadok, Co-Founder & CTO at Alike.Health


‘With Automat-IT, we reduced our operational costs and increased our scalability in a short time’’

 Alon Ashkenazi, GM & VP of Engineering

Cloud Migration Done Right


Automat-IT has deep hands-on experience in successful cloud migration and architecture. Our customers range from startups to large enterprises.

Cloud adoption is a tremendous technical and operational challenge for most organizations. Let us be your partner in this process and accelerate IT transformation. 


We work together with you at every stage of the migration process and ensure solutions that match your business needs.

  • In-depth assessment of your business needs and challenges

  • Cloud architecture

  • Migration plan to AWS cloud

  • Build a secured, multi-tier cloud environment based on best practices

  • Workload migration


Automat-IT will design the cloud migration based on your organizational, operational and development needs. The cloud migration will provide a secured, reliable and scalable environment in the cloud that can be enhanced according to your business requirements.

Outcome: A fully-configured and automated cloud environment, including your application code.

We conduct a thorough handover to the customer, explaining the usage of the artifacts. Many of our customers choose to use our day-two services such as 24/7 DevOps NOC and ongoing support services.

DevOps Automation Done Right


Are you already on AWS cloud but the release cycle is too long or erroneous?

Leverage Automat-IT's deep experience to transform your software delivery process and accelerate the release cycle.

The new self-healing, modular cloud infrastructure will support your business needs and DevOps practices


We work together with you to ensure the software release cycle is tailored to your business needs.

  • A through assessment of the current release cycle and gaps towards business needs

  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment/Continuous Testing architecture

  • Build a fully automated continuous pipelines for integration, testing and deployment

  • SDLC migration to the new environment


Automation implementation across all the solution levels, including security best practices, automatic deployment, autoscaling and failure recovery.

Changes should be applied using automation that will provide reliable and tested results by adding and removing resources according to the workloads requirements.

Outcome: A fully-configured and automated cloud environment, including your application code.

We conduct a full knowledge transfer and offer 24/7 operation services

For more details click HERE

Well-Architected Reviews Done Right

In the ever changing landscape of business needs, workloads are often not optimized to answer your current business needs. New and old security threats might not be addressed, your monthly spend might be too high, the operations manual might not be updated and so on. To address this, our certified Solution Architects will

  • Meet with your business and technical people. This can be a 2 hours meeting or longer, depending on the complexity of the workload

  • Issue a list of HRIs (High Risk Issues) to be handled by area/priority

  • Suggest an SoW to handle these items

Landing Zone Done Right


AWS Landing Zone is a fully-automated enterprise-scale, governance and security solution for multi-account environments. Once implemented, its automated processes save you time, lower costs and reduce complexity. However, in its current state, the solution requires a lot of configuration to meet your specific parameters and requirements.

Automat-IT’s AWS Landing Zone provides you with a pre-configured solution, reducing time to implementation from weeks to just days. In short, we make it quicker and easier for you to get exactly what you need out of the platform.


Fore more details see here (a link to the PDF HERE).

Cost Optimization Done Right


Are you already on AWS cloud but the cost is too high?

Automat-IT has the right tools and processes to keep costs under control. Whether it's monitoring, data-driven management, alternative AWS instance types or advanced automation - we've done it for our customers.

  • Capacity Planning and Instance Right-Sizing

  • Cost Monitoring and Analytics

  • Automation for Cost-Effective Scalability

  • Reserved Instance Purchasing

  • The right use of Spot Instance


Outcome: A cloud environment with the right cost

Managed Services Done Right

Automat-IT provides managed services for companies seeking long term cooperation. fully covers all the DevOps needs in accordance to your company’s business needs at competitive prices. We do this by leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience gained from working with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Automat-IT guarantees:

  • Completely covering all DevOps needs

  • Ongoing collaboration

  • Current and future business needs analysis by our solution architects

  • Define a long term strategy and update it on a regular basis

  • Assigning dedicated DevOps Engineers experienced in relevant DevOps and AWS Cloud technologies

  • Implement the long term strategy according to best practices while supporting your current business needs

Technical Support & Monitoring Done Right


Is your DevOps team constantly overbooked? Are customers SLAs being breached?

Automat-IT has a team of certified AWS Engineers to handle day-to-day operations for your cloud environment, partnering with your in-house engineers as an extension of your DevOps and IT team.

  • 24x7 DevOps NOC

  • Incident Response

  • Proactive Monitoring and Escalation

  • OS Maintenance and Patching


Monitor different aspects of the environment and workloads:

  • Security - cloud activities, malicious or unauthorized behaviors

  • Preventative maintenance and incident response

  • Reliability - identifying bottlenecks and weak spots to improve performance and reliability

  • Continuously monitor application performance to identify issues before your customers do

  • Billing - continuously monitor the billing aspects of your workload

Outcome: Have your DevOps team focused on enabling new business for your organization, let us handle your day to day operations.

Continuous Testing Done Right


Get the right tests done, for less!

With years of experience at large scale enterprise sites, Automat-IT CT Services given by certified test automation experts are the right solution for you.

With Automate-IT's Continuous Test Services and 24/7 Test Support we can tailor a testing suite to match your business needs.

  • Build custom automation frameworks according to your needs

  • Plan, implement, run and manage test case scenarios

  • Functional test execution automation (UI, Data-Driven, API)

    • Java/C#/Python, Selenium

  • Application Mobile testing (front-end device testing)

    • Selenium, Appium

  • Mocking external/internal services according to automation needs

  • Integrate tests with your CI system to add continues testing to your pipeline

Automat-IT keeps testing the system at different levels of deployment, from development to production. We use the cloud to create test environments, run tests on different scenarios of loads and predict performance, security, failures and recovery procedures.

For more details click HERE


Security & Compliance Management Done Right


Automat-IT is a leader in cloud security and compliance with 7+ years of experience in IT management for financial services, healthcare and public sectors.

  • Secure Network Architecture Design and Maintenance

  • HIPAA, PCI, SOC, HITRUST Compliance Enablement

  • Security Monitoring and Incident Management

  • Emergency Security Patches and Critical Security Updates

  • Deploy security and enable traceability at all solution layers

  • Embrace strong identity management

  • Deploy monitoring tools to trace cloud activities and detect security breaches

  • Deploy encryption at data and transport levels

Database Management Done Right


Our database experts can migrate your databases and/or take responsibility for managing your cluster in AWS cloud. Our DBA team provides full-time service to support database clustering and replication, extending our 100% SLA to your database platform.

  • Platform migration and consolidation

  • Cluster design

  • Performance monitoring

  • Disaster recovery and backup