9fin Improves Time to Market with AWS & Automat-it

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Using AWS Control Tower, we slashed deployment time, simplified the process, and saved costs significantly


9fin is a UK based fintech startup. The company’s vision is to be the #1 global provider of data & analytics in debt capital markets. Through an AI-powered data & analytics platform, 9fin centralises everything that’s needed to analyse a credit, or win a mandate in one place. Helping subscribers win business, outperform their peers, and save time.

As a startup, time to market is of an essence. 9fin constantly improves its existing services and introduces new services. Seeking to improve this, 9fin contacted Automat-it. The solution was designed based on working with hundreds of startups. A major design consideration was security, which is even more crucial for fintech companies.

The core of the technical solution was setting up a robust AWS Landing Zone that aligns with AWS best practices and 9fin’s specific requirements. This encompassed the creation of a multi-account architecture, complete with appropriate network segmentation, security controls, and governance policies. The solution also entailed the establishment of standardised resource provisioning mechanisms, continuous monitoring, and automated compliance checks. By configuring these elements, 9fin ensured a secure, efficient, and well-organised cloud environment.

Security wise, the solution incorporated best practices for network segmentation, access controls, and compliance policies. This ensured that 9fin would have a well-architected, secured, and standardised foundation for their cloud infrastructure. On top of protecting sensitive data, this also fostered trust among customers and partners in 9fin’s commitment to data security.


  • Average time to deploy new services was reduced by 50%.
  • Monthly cloud spend was reduced by 10%.
  • A well-architected, secured and standardised cloud infrastructure.