C2i Genomics Cuts Product Release Time by 50% & DevOps Cost by 60% with Automat-it

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Als innovatives Unternehmen im Gesundheitssektor müssen wir die strengsten Sicherheitsstandards einhalten. AWS und Automat-it boten die perfekte Lösung.


C2i Genomics empowers physicians, patients, and researchers with ultra-sensitive, personalized whole-genome cancer detection. C2i Genomics’ SaaS solution utilizes a cloud-based platform for low turnaround time cancer tumor burden monitoring. This global-scale approach leverages the thousands of genome sequencers already installed around the world. 

Using cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs, growing genomic and clinical databases, and sophisticated signal processing and AI, C2i Genomics enables high-precision personalized medicine, reduced cancer treatment costs, and accelerated drug development.

Three years ago, C2i Genomics embarked on a transformative journey with AIT, collaborating on a migration project that built a robust infrastructure catering to its diverse customer base. As their business expanded, the challenge of ensuring that their developers focused solely on coding (rather than on DevOps) became crucial.

C2i Genomics and Automat-it have been partners for years. Hence, it was only natural that Automat-it would handle this important task. There were various complexities that needed to be addressed: 

  1. C2i Genomics has dozens of accounts grouped by organizational units and with their own set of AWS Control Tower Guardrail rules.
  2. The SaaS solution is deployed per business case and in different AWS regions, to address data privacy and cost reduction requirements.
  3. In each deployment, a single workload, performing a single sample analysis, spins dozens of Kubernetes nodes and hundreds of pods, using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS).
  4. The applications utilize AWS Step Functions, Amazon EKS with Karpenter, and Amazon FSx for Lustre as shared persistent volumes, among other managed services from AWS.
  5. Argo CD is utilized to deploy microservices using a customized Helm chart along with Argo Workflow to create FSxL file systems ad hoc.
  6. The deployment process relies on Terraform, AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK), and AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM).
  7. Currently, over 20 environments are deployed, with new production deployments added monthly, while development and testing environments are continuously set up, updated, and scrubbed.

Automat-it tasked its DevOps specialists with extensive experience in managing complex DevOps environments for this challenge. They were backed up by Automat-it’s CCoE (Cloud Centre of Excellence) experts.

After successfully completing this task, the team continues to work with C2i Genomics. Today, there are 4 Automat-it DevOps developers dedicated to doing all relevant tasks in C2i Genomics, including development, maintenance, deployment, security enhancements and service updates. C2i Genomics moved all its DevOps tasks to the Automat-it team.

Outcomes and benefits:

  1. Previously, the software development team (20 engineers) at C2i Genomics invested 30% of their time in DevOps activities. This is now neglectable.
  2. CI/CD and product release time was reduced by 50% and more.
  3. Automat-it’s DevOps team constantly optimizes the development processes to match C2i Genomics’ rapidly evolving development plan.
  4. The cost of DevOps activities was reduced by 60%.
  5. DevOps knowledge sharing is secure within C2i Genomics by means of documentation, training sessions, and knowledge transfer.