IL MAKIAGE Boosts its Revenues with AWS

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AWS und Automat-it unterstützen kontinuierlich unser Wachstum.

Launched in mid-2018, IL MAKIAGE is a prestigious direct-to-consumer beauty brand, leveraging data science, machine learning and computer vision capabilities to deliver state-of-the-art online experiences for its customers. Since the brand’s launch, IL MAKIAGE has converted millions of consumers from shopping for beauty products in stores to make purchases online, disrupting the industry in the process.

Having surpassed $260 million in revenue for 2021 following years of record growth, the company reached a valuation of $1.5 billion, all within 3.5 years since inception.

As an e-commerce company, cloud is at the heart of IL MAKIAGE’s operations. Since 2020, the company has partnered with Automat-it as a cloud and DevOps supplier.

“We are very happy with the Automat-it partnership”, said Niv Price, IL MAKIAGE’s CTO. “The Automat-it team is exceptionally professional and always knows how to find the best technological solutions for our business needs, and rapid expansion.”

Recently, IL MAKIAGE’s parent company, ODDITY, launched a second wellness and beauty brand to offer what it calls a ‘personalized approach to aging’. The new digital-first brand, SpoiledChild, uses the brand’s proprietary machine learning engine, SpoiledBrain, to provide tailored recommendations for each consumer, matching them with the product or series of products that meet their needs and preferences.

Automat-it has been working with IL MAKIAGE for the last two years, continuously adjusting the AWS platform to the company’s ever-changing business needs. Among other requirements, the platform needs to be highly scalable and secure. Recently, Automat-it worked together with IL MAKIAGE to launch the new brand in accordance with its business needs.


  1. A stable, scalable, and secure platform.
  2. A new brand, launched in accordance with business needs.