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Introduction In the dynamic world of software development, two powerful approaches have emerged to streamline processes and enhance collaboration: DevOps

A Guardrail (or Control) is a high-level rule that provides ongoing governance for your overall AWS environment. It’s expressed in

What is GitOps GitOps is an operational framework that uses DevOps best practices for application development, such as version control,

AWS continuously improves cloud services and introduces new hardware for processing power, but customers usually do not rush to move

Problem statement In some cases, CloudFormation’s capabilities may be limited compared with those of other IaC tools, such as Terraform,

Automat-it, as an AWS Well-Architected Partner, gains expertise in building high-quality solutions, implementing best practices, checking the state of workloads,

According to the Shared Responsibility Model AWS is responsible for „Management of the Cloud”, while a customer is responsible for

Clouds allow us to design highly-available and fault-tolerant systems quite easily. Moreover, we can use managed services (for example, databases)

Problem statement Collecting customer feedback is essential for every business. But collecting is not enough. We must understand and react

Problem statement Using clouds is convenient and has many advantages, like allocating as much workload as you need immediately, deploying

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