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 Environment as a Service 

Automatic, self-service and fast Environment as a Service for Dev, QA, Test, Training, Demo, Prod and Kubernetes environments. On the Cloud or On-prem, supporting all major APIs.

EaaS - Revolution in DevOps

 EaaS - Environment as-a-Service allows you provision Dev, QA, Test, Prod, and Kubernetes environments quickly in 15 minutes or less, reliably and at a fraction of the cost of a self built environment.


We provide a software environment solution that amplifies your organization's creativity and eliminates IT complexity. 

Automat-IT EaaS was created leveraging years of experience in the most complex IT organizations, managing DevOps for the most advanced software companies,
and working with developers, system engineers, architects and executives to
bring a holistic, self service, automated, quick and reliable environment that works
for every stakeholder, on time and on budget, and scales up as your organization grows. EaaS is vendor neutral and supports all major APIs as well as whats coming next. 



Automatic environment with no human intervention.



Self-service environment with no need for infrastructure handling.

CI Support

Supports CI for automated testing.



Don't overspend on cloud, let it run whenever you are. 


Provision an environment in 15 min.



Your environment goes on and off automatically whenever, anywhere.  You decide.



Vendor neutral, supports all major Cloud and On-prem APIs. 



Strong authentication and protocols.

Automat-IT EaaS Topography

Automat-IT EaaS Topography 2019-2.png

EaaS Version 2018-10

Watch Automat-IT EaaS + Pipeline

CountryInfo on AWS EKS Demo

  • PHP web application

    • Main CountryInfo -web app

    • Country Motto - microservice

  • CountryInfo is deployed automatically on managed Kubernetes cluster (AWS EKS) by Automat-IT EaaS

  • CI is implemented using Automat-IT Pipeline deployed on a dedicated k8s namespace, integrated with BitBucket

  • Sonatype Nexus is deployed on a dedicated k8s namespace, exposed for Automat-IT EaaS and Pipeline


Presenter: Anton Mishyn, R&D Director, Automat-IT


1. Can your developers run a self-service environment? 
2. Can QA test in Prod like environment? 
3. Can your team choose 
the product/docker version to work on? 
4. Does it take you less than 15 minutes to launch an environment?

5. Do you have a GUI to manage your environment? 

6. Can you launch an environment as part of your pipeline?

7. Can you create an environment automatically? 

Say, Yes!

Try Automat-IT EaaS

Managing Environments: IT environments are becoming increasingly complex as applications become distributed, multi-cloud and accessible across a variety of different endpoints, IoT, mobile, etc. Replicating and managing environments is an issue as organizations scale.”

2018: The Year Of Enterprise DevOps, Forrester

Supports Kubernetes Cluster, and Docker Enterprise on all clouds and on-prem including AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, GCP, VMware, Openshift, IBM Cloud Private, Hyper-V, and others.

DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud
DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud
DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud
DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud
DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud
DevOps, cloud, CI, CD, AWS, Azure, automation in cloud
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Watch EaaS and IBM Cloud Private (ICP) Demo

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IBM Cloud Private is an application platform for developing and managing on-premises, containerized, Kubernetes applications. EaaS supports multiple IBM and open source tools and APIs allowing  users to get automatic, self-service, easy to use and fast Dev. QA, and Prod environments. 

EaaS for Insurance Companies

EaaS for Insurance Companies

To catch up on DevOps, and time to market with apps and services, insurance companies today use EaaS automatic, self-service environment for Dev and QA. EaaS helps Insurance CIOs to bridge the gap between legacy systems, present technologies such as Dockers and Kubernetes and what's to come next. Facing increasing regulations, security threats and customers expectation, EaaS allows your team to be efficient and to Prod in speed. 

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Wherever your customers take you launch multiple environments in speed, EaaS facilitates launching automatic, self-service environments for demos and POCs in 15 minutes or less, with strict security protocols all to help your team close deals quickly. 

EaaS for Demos and


EaaS for Demos and Pre-Sale

EaaS for Training Organizations

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EaaS facilitates launching of multiple automatic environments in self-service by an educator to multiple students on and off-site, with no additional help. It allows training organizations to offer complex courses quickly and scale up or down dynamically. EaaS facilitates a deeper sense of learning and allows training in Prod like environment, and to have a complete Dev, QA and Prod cycle for your students. 

EaaS for Training Organizations

Automat-IT EaaS Environment as a Service for education enables us to launch automatically tens of learning environments in zero time. It revolutionized how we offer courses, how we educate on-prem, in-class and online and how we engage with our students to provide education at speed about working on the latest technologies and tools. We are now offering programs that were just not feasible before we started using Automat-IT EaaS and our teachers and students clearly make the most of it " 

Lidor Gerstel, Head of DevOps Seminars and DevOps Expert, John Bryce Training

Buy vs Build 5X Value

The environment market segment moving to packaged software product, infrastructure as a code, rather than self-built. 

Software deployed to-order

When you need it

Wherever you need it




Staging a single machine or an exact duplicate of production Automat-IT EaaS enables you to simulate the real thing without any compromise. Test all installation/configuration/migration scripts and procedures as well as performance and load.




Disaster Recovery, to provide an immediate fallback in case of problems with production. Automat IT EaaS is here to cover your server programs, remote data center; for apps/clients, user or local environments.





Sandbox or experimental, test and play with Automat IT EaaS, play as if you are in the most complex playground all by yourself with no interference.




Run environments quickly, automatically in self-service at your customers' site or at an event. 



For one developer workstation or teams of thousands around the world, Automat-IT EaaS environments are launched in minutes, helping to break silos and is always there, ready to launch your next big thing.




Large QA teams or a one person QA Swiss Army knife, on-site or off-shore, Automat IT EaaS allows a seamless and rapid cloud QA environment for each and every stage of your solution’s process.




Automat-IT Environment as a Service highly automated and parallelized test environment provide a foundation for rapid software development and to achieve your goals on time and on budget.




Pushing to PROD may result in immediate and unseen problems, resulting in immediate user impact. EaaS allows you to carefully monitor each and every step, and in some cases having phased rollout or only requiring flipping a switch, allowing rapid rollback. On geographically distributed machines, in the cloud or cloud of clouds, Automat-IT is the fast and reliable environment for your project. Restart, hot swapping, canary or simultaneously Automat-IT EaaS is there to launch next big idea.




EaaS Pricing

Get Started with EaaS

Start your new environment today

If you work with a private or public cloud, with Kubernetes and Dockers you can immediately run an automatic and self-service EaaS 

EaaS Pricing

EaaS Starter

Grow fast - deliver faster. EaaS Starter for startups and small businesses. Fits companies that want to scale up quickly and save big on IT. Prod in Speed!

EaaS Business

'Time to market' is key and  EaaS may just hold your IT combination for success. EaaS for business is the right solution for companies with DevOps that want to move fast. 

EaaS Enterprise

Untangle IT complexity with Eaas for Enterprise, bridge legacy with current and whats to come next.

You will need an environment that supports most common technologies and APIs

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