AlgoSec achieves multi-region expansion with Automat-it

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Notre partenariat avec Automat-it a été un grand succès. Grâce à l'engagement et à l'expertise de nos équipes DevOps et AIT DevOps, nous avons réussi à nous développer dans une nouvelle région AWS.

AlgoSec, a global cybersecurity leader, empowers organizations to secure application connectivity by automating connectivity flows and security policy anywhere.
The AlgoSec platform enables the world’s most complex organizations to gain visibility, reduce risk, achieve compliance at the application level, and process changes at zero-touch across the hybrid network.
Using its unique vendor-agnostic deep algorithm for intelligent change management automation, AlgoSec enforces application connectivity and security policy, thus preventing human errors, substantially reducing exposure to security risks, and expediting time-to-market.
This post explains how Automat-it, an AWS Premier Partner, collaborated with AlgoSec to securely extend their solution to a new AWS region, ensuring compliance while enhancing user experience.

Expanding for compliance

AlgoSec needed to expand its solution’s reach to a new region to comply with regional regulations. This expansion required a secure and efficient way to manage the new infrastructure, ensuring consistency across environments.

Building a flexible foundation

The core of the solution is infrastructure automation. CloudFormation, combined with Control Tower Customizations, provided a robust and flexible approach to infrastructure provisioning. This ensured a consistent and reliable environment across regions, simplifying management and reducing errors.

The solution kept the security-first approach. Strict security measures were implemented using a combination of AWS GuardDuty for threat detection, and AWS Control Tower Controls to enforce security best practices across the entire environment. More details about the security project can be found here.


The successful extension of AlgoSec’s solution to a new AWS region delivered several key benefits:

  • Compliance achieved: The regional expansion ensured adherence to relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Enhanced availability: Redundancy across regions boosted overall infrastructure resilience.
  • Reduced latency: Users in the Middle East experienced improved application performance due to the geographically closer infrastructure.