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Gliding Deer Successfully Modernizes its AWS Platform with Automat-IT

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Gliding Deer is a gaming company founded in 2015. Gliding Deer’s flagship game was launched in the same year and is enjoyed by millions of users ever since. Gliding Deer’s R&D center is located in Israel, and one thing all employees have in common is a passion for gaming. Since the launch, Gliding Deer games have been very successful, with Bingo Drive reaching the break-even point in only 2 months.

As Gliding Deer saw significant growth since its inception, going with AWS was a natural decision. However, the initial infrastructure was not scalable enough for the actual growth. Hence, Gliding Deer contacted Automat-IT to carry out a modernization project, with security and scalability being pivotal.

After analyzing the business requirements, Automat-IT recommended using its standardized solution for containers and CI/CD, applying the necessary adjustments to the specific needs of Gliding Deer. The solution included setting up the production, staging and integration environments.

“Once we contacted Automat-IT, everything went smoothly,” commented Dave Raanan, Gliding Deer’s VP R&D. “The few hurdles we faced were quickly addressed and resolved”.

Gliding Deer continues to work with Automat-IT as a trusted advisor and recently conducted an AWS Well-Architected Review.


  1. A secured and scalable platform.

  2. Production, staging and integration environments, including CI/CD.

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