Alike Leverages AWS Control Tower to lower operational burden

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Automat-it knew how to bring the best solution to our business needs. Our partnership with Automat-it allowed us to focus on our core functionality

About Alike

Alike Health is a digital healthcare company that untaps the power of medical records by utilizing proprietary AI, crowdsourcing and big data to make personalized health a reality.

The Challenge

As an early-stage start-up that is going to grow and serve many customers, Alike needed a solution for building “environment in a click”. It means that for every developer and/or healthcare partner a full environment should be created with a set of infrastructure services and security rules and automatic application deployment. All the environments will be managed using centralized accounts for logging, monitoring and application CI/CD.

The Solution

The chosen solution for Alike was to use AWS Control Tower. AWS Control Tower provides the easiest way to set up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment, called a landing zone. Using AWS Control Tower, the organization can implement company-wide policies and assure that all the created accounts will be provisioned with these policies.

Using AWS Control Tower, Alike can easily define different OU’s (Organization Units) that each contains several accounts. An Organization Unit can be “development”, “production” etc. For each Organizational Unit there is a predefined set of security guardrails that provides a different security environment in each account type.


  1. A centrally managed multi-account environment.
  2. Environment creation in a click., including predefined security rules and automation.
  3. High-security solution that meets Alike’s healthcare partner’s requirements.