Automat-it significantly reduces bizibox’s IT spend, following migration to AWS cloud

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About bizibox

bizibox is an Israeli software company that provides accountants and business owners the information they need to keep their business running smoothly, by facilitating clear visibility of expenses and cash flow.

bizibox’s software collects business and financial data from sources that are complicated to connect with, such as banks, credit card companies and accounting software. The data is then made accessible to the accountant or business owner in one place, at the click of a button. The software can also forecast incomes, based on future checks and recurring payments.

bizibox’s users receive a daily status email that is simple yet informative, and notifications of any anomaly that may have been detected.

The Challenge

Since its inception, bizibox had been running in an on-premise virtualization environment, using a traditional setup of storage and computer nodes. This presented challenges in terms of performance, scalability and the ability to embrace new technologies.

In 2020, bizibox migrated to the AWS cloud for its new workloads, using serverless computing, cloud object storage, managed databases and other features.

The Solution

Given that bizibox was increasingly moving its workloads to cloud-computing based technologies, we decided to migrate most of their applications as-is. This enabled the client to leverage the strengths of the cloud in terms of scale and performance, without the need to re-architecture the environment or shift the R&D focus from product development.

Using Infrastructure as Code, we built a secure, monitored, scalable and highly-available cloud environment for bizibox, enabling the customer to work consistently in a multi-environment setup throughout the software release lifecycle.


  1. 300% increase in database performance after moving from traditional storage to high performance, SSD-based, IO intensive cloud storage.
  2. 24% reduction in costs achieved by keeping R&D and test environments down at night and on weekends. This saving is expected to increase to over 40% in the second stage of the project.
  3. The ability to scale and adapt to quick business changes through automatic scaling.
  4. Improved logging and monitoring through the use of AWS services.