Definely sees a 30% decrease in its cloud operational costs following migration to AWS with support from Automat-it

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Named in the top 25 of the prestigious Deloitte UK Technology Fast50, Definely is a rapidly growing UK-based LegalTech startup which provides software that enables lawyers to draft, review, and understand legal documents in one place, using a single suite of products.

Definely Vault enables lawyers to leverage their firm’s internal document repository to efficiently draft and review legal documents with its cloud-based solutions. 

Definely Draft empowers lawyers to access and edit cross-references without ever needing to move away from where they are on the page.

Definely Proof ensures accuracy and consistency by automating hundreds of proofreading checks with just a double click. 


The company faced challenges with high operational costs on its incumbent Microsoft Azure platform. 

Seeking a more cost-effective solution, they decided to migrate their infrastructure to AWS. To ensure a smooth transition and leverage AWS’s cost benefits, Definely enlisted the expertise of Automat-it, an AWS Premier Partner with substantial expertise in cloud migrations and infrastructure deployment.

Project goals

  • Migrate Definely’s infrastructure from Microsoft Azure to AWS.
  • Implement a robust, scalable infrastructure using Terraform for Infrastructure as Code (IaC). 
  • Ensure the new AWS environment supports future growth and potential multi-region deployment.
  • Enable Definely’s in-house DevOps team to manage the application and database migration. 

The project

Automat-it’s primary role was to create the foundational infrastructure on AWS using Terraform. The project involved the following key steps:

  1. Infrastructure design and deployment: Automat-It designed and deployed a multi-account AWS environment, creating environments for development, testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), and production. This included setting up Kubernetes clusters, Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), Aurora Postgres databases, Amazon MQ, Amazon Elasticache, OpenSearch, and other AWS services.
  2. Knowledge transfer and demonstration: Automat-it deployed the infrastructure on a sandbox account and conducted comprehensive demos for Definely’s DevOps team. This knowledge transfer was crucial for Definely to replicate the setup on their production accounts.


  • Efficient infrastructure setup: Automat-it successfully deployed the required infrastructure within the stipulated timeframe, enabling Definely . to leverage the cost advantages of AWS.
  • Smooth transition: The comprehensive demos and Terraform code provided by Automat-It empowered Definely’s team to manage their AWS environment effectively.
  • Scalable architecture: The new AWS setup was designed with future growth in mind, supporting potential multi-region deployments.
  • A 30% reduction in cloud operational costs following the successful migration to AWS from Azure. 

“Automat-it’s expertise was instrumental in our transition to AWS. Their clear demonstrations and robust infrastructure setup have positioned us well for future growth. We appreciated their professionalism and the smooth handover process,” said David Silva, Chief Technology Officer at Definely.

“It was great to be able to utilize their DevOps expertise for a limited period for the duration of our migration project. It’s good to know they are there if we ever need any further assistance.” 


Automat-it’s collaboration with Definely highlights its capability to deliver precise, scalable cloud solutions tailored to client needs. By focusing on efficient infrastructure deployment and empowering clients with the necessary skills, Automat-it ensures long-term success and client satisfaction.

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