EarlySense Quickly Launches a New Product Using AWS Services

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Automat-it understood our business needs and made things happen exactly as planned. This allowed us to focus on the new product functionality.

About EarlySense

EarlySense is an Israeli company that provides continuum of care by developing continuous monitoring products to customers across the care continuum, including hospitals, nursery houses and private customers.

EarlySense engaged Automat-it to provide an infrastructure solution for a new product subsystem called NooMi. The new product is a cloud-based platform that allows taking the technology that was originally developed for enterprise deployment at hospitals to the home, skilled nursing facilities and senior living markets to monitor pulse, breathing and other metrics using special sensors under the mattress, and sends these metrics for further analysis in AWS.

The Challenge

EarlySense needed to build a system for a PoC that was to evaluate the new product with selected customers. The system had to cover the main PoC goals in terms of user authentication and authorization, data collection and monitoring, and yet be scalable enough to grow into a production system once the PoC had been evaluated.

The Solution

The chosen solution was to deploy the EarlySense workloads in Kubernetes using the AWS EKS fully-managed certified Kubernetes service, with additional services to be deployed using AWS serverless services.

  • All incoming traffic is handled by AWS API Gateway.
  • User authentication is done using AWS Cognito.
  • Workloads are deployed using EKS.
  • Databases (MySQL and MongoDB) are used by managed services (RDS and DocumentDB).
  • System data distribution is carried out using AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service), for maximum flexibility and simplicity.

The solution was developed and deployed using IaC (Infrastructure-as-Code) methodology, to facilitate unified infrastructure creation across the production, staging and development environments.


  1. The PoC system infrastructure time-to-market was short – a few weeks.
  2. EarlySense is now able to create additional environments within hours, using IaC.
  3. The scalable solution can be used for PoC purposes, as well as a full-blown production environment.