OOONA Leverages AWS Tools to Expand Its Services Globally

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With the help of Automat-it, OOONA is now able to expand its services globally and deploy new software versions in minutes.

OOONA is an Israel-based company that develops professional management and production tools to service the localization industry – studios, broadcasters and localization agencies. These customers trust OOONA with their most sensitive assets – unaired movies and TV episodes.

Recognizing the need to grow and serve more customers, in 2019 OOONA contacted Automat-it with the main goal of being more agile while acquiring new business. OOONA’s goal translated into introducing new functionality faster, onboarding new customers faster and creating a market differentiator to small customers and global localization service consumers. This need became more evident with the Covid-19 outburst.

Working together, OOONA and Automat-it have pinned down the actual requirements to be the introduction of more automation in SDLC, customers’ onboarding and infrastructure/configuration practices. Also, an addition of major functionality, video transcoding, was in place.

Serverless Video Transcoding

OOONA uses a serverless video transcoding platform for simple, robust, scalable and cost-effective video transcoding. They are utilizing multiple AWS services, mainly Fargate for EKS, SNS, SQS and Lambda. Choosing to go fully serverless in this solution brings OOONA the capability to scale to whatever the customer needs without preparing in advance.


OOONA is an Israeli company providing professional management and production tools in the localization industry. Established in 2012, OOONA product offering includes a cloud-based system for localization management and professional online tools for subtitling and captioning.


  1. Reduce integration and deployment time from days to minutes
  2. Introduce new customers to the system in minutes rather than hours
  3. ISO27001 certification, allowing work with the largest Hollywood studios