Automat-it improves Natterbox’s operational efficiencies by 100% at the beginning of a 3-year cloud transformation project

Paving the way for rapid and ongoing global expansion Natterbox, an innovative AI-powered contact center solution seamlessly integrated within Salesforce, empowers businesses to personalise customer journeys and boost agent productivity. However, their on-premise data centers needed help to keep pace with their rapid growth. The infrastructure required frequent upgrades, impacting database performance and hindering overall […]

Riverside AWS Modernization with Automat-it

Riverside provides a single place to record, edit, and share conversations with the world. Creators and companies like Netflix, Marvel, and Shopify rely on Riverside to produce podcasts, video interviews, marketing videos, virtual conferences, internal communications, and more. With high-quality local recordings, AI transcriptions, and text-based editing, Riverside makes professional video creation achievable by anyone, […]

C2i Genomics Cuts Product Release Time by 50% & DevOps Cost by 60% with Automat-it

C2i Genomics empowers physicians, patients, and researchers with ultra-sensitive, personalized whole-genome cancer detection. C2i Genomics’ SaaS solution utilizes a cloud-based platform for low turnaround time cancer tumor burden monitoring. This global-scale approach leverages the thousands of genome sequencers already installed around the world. Using cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs, growing genomic and clinical databases, and sophisticated signal […]

Empowering Startups: Automat-it’s Role in Turning Dreams into Reality

“Working hand in hand with Automat-it on AWS Marketplace onboarding was key in securing a major deal” Juan Pablo González, CTO, Foreworth In the dynamic world of startups, seizing the right opportunity can make all the difference. Often, startups face challenges that seem insurmountable, from tight deadlines to resource constraints. But, in such times, true […]

9fin Improves Time to Market with AWS & Automat-it

  9fin is a UK based fintech startup. The company’s vision is to be the #1 global provider of data & analytics in debt capital markets. Through an AI-powered data & analytics platform, 9fin centralises everything that’s needed to analyse a credit, or win a mandate in one place. Helping subscribers win business, outperform their […] Leverages AWS Machine Learning for Generative AI is building a fully copyrighted generative AI platform for developers. AI and engineering teams can use this platform to accelerate visual content creation, increase productivity, and safely develop AI products at scale. Part of the Bria platform is providing foundation models in the field of text-to-image. The models are trained from scratch using licensed […]

AlgoSec Security Automation with AWS and Automat-it

  AlgoSec, a global cybersecurity leader, empowers organizations to secure application connectivity by automating connectivity flows and security policy anywhere. The AlgoSec platform enables the world’s most complex organizations to gain visibility, reduce risk, achieve compliance at the application level, and process changes at zero-touch across the hybrid network. Using its unique vendor-agnostic deep algorithm […]

C2i Enhances Security with AWS

C2i Genomics was founded in 2019, leveraging technology developed at Cornell and the New York Genome Center. The company empowers researchers, physicians, and patients with ultra-sensitive whole-genome cancer detection. C2i Genomics has a SaaS solution that uses an AWS cloud-based platform to perform global-scale cancer tumor burden monitoring, leveraging the thousands of already installed genome […]

FreeTV Ensures Security by Leveraging AWS and Automat-it

FreeTV is a Multi-channel TV Operator that offers more than 50 linear channels with a huge VOD library. The platform allows access to channels, catchups, movies, and series anytime, anywhere. FreeTV is a new initiative in the Israeli media market aimed to reach audiences through emerging media platforms with ground-breaking content. FreeTV involves dozens of […]

bizibox Security Enhancement with AWS and Automat-it

bizibox was established with the aim of providing business owners, accountants and tax consultants with a user-friendly, simple system that delivers a professional solution to their financial and business analysis needs. With bizibox, business owners can view the most recent bank account and credit card activity, and the business’s up-to-date financial information, simply by clicking […]