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We empower fast paced startups to grow, deliver & win with strategic, hands-on cloud DevOps & FinOps

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Professional Services To Grow With Confidence

Strategic Know-How with Hands-on Know To

We plan, build & execute DevOps methodologies ensuring seamless automation, simplifying deployment complexities and meeting crucial time-to-market KPIs

Maximize cloud investment ROI with more informed cloud financial decisions, maintain cloud cost efficiency and ensure well-controlled AWS environments

Solutions To Achieve Your Goals Throughout Your Growth Journey

MLOps Accelerator

Easily take your ML models to production at scale with AWS dedicated consultation and hands-on implementation

Cloud Migration

Seamlessly migrate workloads to AWS with our expert team leveraging Infrastructure as code methodologies to ensure a smooth & efficient transition

Infrastructure Modernization

Leverage cutting edge applications and technologies at all layers to expedite time to market & reduce infrastructure technical debt

Well Architected

Ensure that your environments meet AWS best practices with highly secured, cost effective applications

Landing Zone

Our tried & tested AWS landing zone reduces your time to market with automated account creation, security, governance & compliance

AWS Marketplace Onboarding

Expedite time to marketplace! Our team handles your technical validation, product submission & billing integration

Deep Domain Expertise

Running At Your Pace Within Your Space


Reduce your time to market by ensuring predictable software deployment every time


We accompany your ML journey on AWS from the beginning to advanced pipelines


Harness the power of LLMs, implement guardrails & evaluate models for your RAG to leverage business insights


Safeguard your business by implementing best practices


Run on an optimized Kubernetes workload

The Automat-it Way

KPIs Driven

Our services and cloud solutions are tailored to achieve your business and cloud goals throughout your growth journey

Proactive Support

Our engineers proactively monitor your production environments to flag & fix any DevOps or cloud issues so you don't get the 4am call

Deep Expertise

We bring deep AWS & domain expertise with hands-on DevOps to your team, to achieve your goals in your space, at your pace

All in AWS

We are an AWS Premier Partner, focusing exclusively on AWS. This enables our dedicated specialists to deliver more precise, efficient, and cost-effective solutions within your AWS ecosystem

DevOps DNA

Practical solutions ensure your cloud works for you. Pre-empt challenges to save valuable time to market & resources as you scale

DevOps Born & Bred

Built-in practicality to achieve your KPIs

Dedicated Talent Evolves With You

Automat-it brings highly skilled & experienced professionals to your team. We adapt to provide the expertise you need throughout your journey.

  • Full-time without long-term employee commitment
  • Deep AWS and domain expertise at an affordable cost
  • Know-how and know-to saves significant costs
  • Cross-team collaboration & knowledge-sharing
  • Start running without the recruitment process

What You Need, As You Need

We provide a versatile range of DevOps and FinOps services including turnkey projects (SoW), fully dedicate talent and modular hourly pricing.

Dedicated to Startups’ Growth with AWS

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved 300 AWS certifications.  This milestone underlines our commitment to providing exceptional

Advanced data security: peace of mind  for your business We’re very pleased to announce that Automat-it has achieved accreditation for

Introduction In the dynamic world of software development, two powerful approaches have emerged to streamline processes and enhance collaboration: DevOps