Explore our customer use cases to learn how they’ve successfully navigated challenges migrating, scaling and securing their businesses with our DevOps & Cloud services.


Stock Exchange

The Business Problem: This leading stock exchange processes millions of transactions per year. Applications and services downtime and defects may cause delays in processing and loss of money. Inefficiencies in the development department such as the use of Excel for task management with no single view of projects, tasks, timelines or priorities was the key to inefficiencies and resource waste. Transformation: Our goal was to create a development lifecycle environment and methodology to build the systems to support millions of transactions. Automat-IT led and managed the entire project from assessment through design and implementation, including the definition of processes and automation guidelines. Results:

  • Reduced features update time from 4 months to 3 weeks
  • QA improvement - 45%
  • 25% budget efficiencies
  • Support introduction of new work culture

Insurance Corporation

The Business Problem: The company was seeking to upgrade its legacy systems and platforms. Working in silos, Developers, QA and Testing teams were working on separate environments that slowed time to market and created inefficiencies in processes and utilization of resources. Transformation: Our goal was to enable efficiencies in time and resources by creating an automated integrated platform with all unique environments elements such as databases and apps to support developers, QA and other functions - as similar as possible to a production environment. We implemented a unique project involving the design and implementation of our proprietary Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS).

  • Tools for automation.
  • Self-Service portal.
  • Seamless environment between departments.
  • Time to testing, updating apps and executing on tasks was reduced by 50%.
  • Significant savings in expenditure, resources while cutting errors by 70%.
  • Smooth transition into production - less than 1 hour compared to 2 weeks.
  • Increase in employee satisfaction.

Market Data Publisher

The Business Problem: Our client's main need was to distribute version to multiple global sites quickly, using one process. Transformation:

  • Define DevOps methodologies and processes.
  • Create security standards across global IT and DevOps.
  • PCI compliance.
Selected projects:
  • Source control migration from SDN to GIT.
  • Pipeline creation - Jenkins.
  • Monitoring system deployment.
  • A unified version across 20 global sites runs deployment in 20 minutes, compared with multiple versions running deployments manually for 24 hours.
  • Data center efficiencies - 40%.

Global Customer Experience Solutions Provider

The Business Problem: Our client, the top leader in its industry, provides customer experience solutions to large enterprises and communication services providers around the world. New software and features releases were a long process that required 3rd party integration to install and upgrade versions at customers complex environments. Transformation:

  • Assessment, design and implementation of a new architecture methodology, security requirements and tools recommendation.
  • Move to a VMWare private cloud.
  • Script development, testing and deployment of a proprietary cloud based EaaS (Environment as-a-Service).
  • Built a new automated self-service portal, eliminating the need to set up IT, middleware, DBA and apps.
  • Self-service environment for development, QA and performance testing.
  • Shortened Environment launch time - from 3 weeks to 15 minutes.
  • QA improvements - 60%.
  • Increased employee satisfaction with seamless and positive work relationships between developers and QA.

Global Bank

The Business Problem: Like most of the Banking and Financial Services companies, this bank relies heavily on legacy technologies and processes. With a complex IT department working in silos and with no cross departmental standards, the Bank was seeking to update and upgrade its environment with the latest technologies, implementation of innovative development processes. C level execs required faster time to market when releasing new services and processes to clients and partners. Automation was a key requirement and focus of the project to allow for a faster and more structured process between development commit to code deployment and production. Transformation: Implementation of innovative development DevOps process (CI, CT, CD). Our deliverables included: • Define and implement DevOps Methodologies • Define Source control branch module • Create generic pipeline for full automation process • Implement Automation processes to achieve better quality and time to market • CI Integration Triggers and Reports • Installation and Configuration of all the chosen 3rd party applications (Confluence, Jira, BitBucket, Jenkins, Chef, Splunk …) • Full integrations to the bank network and security / Domain / AD / DB’s etc. • Leading CI teams with building the Jenkins Jobs and recommendations from our side. • Integration between developer IDE to all new 3rd party's application. •Writing Full documentations for System Admins and for Development team. Results:

  • Sprint methodology - feature update from 6 months to every 3 weeks.
  • Quality improvements - 30%.
  • 15% budget savings.
  • Significant reduction in overtime.

eLearning Provider

The Business Problem: Struggling with version upgrades that required a large team and at least 2 weeks of full time development, our client turned to Automat-IT to design an automated environment that will support launching new online courses, tutorials, and integrate new online features. Transformation: Migrating to a new cloud environment, the client required us to find the best solution for the shortest development time, and to design the process across development and testing, including the creation of a staging environment to simulate real-life production. DevOps and agile methodologies were implemented in four phases using: SVN, Jenkins, Artifactory, Puppet. Results:

  • Update of new versions to all servers now takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Identical installations and configurations across environments.
  • Add students quickly and easily.
  • Today, production includes 25-30 servers in the US, and additional 15-20 servers in Australia, all managed with Puppet as configuration manager.

Gas Stations Network

The Business Problem: The company embarked on a digital transformation initiative intended on improving and enhancing customers experience through the digitization of its pumps, retail stores, customer membership cards and club, mobile payments platforms, and the ability to update prices on a global basis. Through this initiative, our client hopes to achieve improved customer experience, increase customer loyalty, enhanced customer journey, and speedy update of marketing offers and new pricing. Transformation: Define the methodology and tools for the cloud transformation projects, including public cloud IoT, automating version updates of all pumps locations and retail stores, and to create a dedicated mobile app. Results: Move from analog business practices to digital business in the cloud. Automatic updates across 1,500 end points. Improve overall customer experience.

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