Cobwebs Cuts Costs by 30% with AWS

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Cobwebs Technologies delivers decades of experience in the global intelligence market. Field and practical experience, combined with a proven track record of successfully integrating into collaborative projects, have collectively led Cobwebs to identify inadequacies in intelligence solutions. Cobwebs’ leading and innovative systems service the national security, law enforcement, and private sectors, identifying web relations, criminal activities, and cyber threats with just one click.

Cobwebs’ solutions collect and analyze the web’s layers of endless open, deep & dark web data. Discovering the most critical insights and hidden leads from never-ending and indecipherable online data is now simple, seamless, and smooth with Cobwebs’ robust artificial intelligence algorithms.

Cobwebs sought to modernize its environment. In order to allow a quick migration to AWS, the environments were previously based on virtual servers. This solution was not optimal or cost effective. In addition, the automation of CI/CD pipelines was a yet-to-be-developed process. Maintaining a high level of security was also a must.

Cobwebs approached Automat-it as its preferred AWS vendor to carry out the modernization. The new architecture leverages AWS services and Kubernetes to ensure cost reduction, stability, security, and a short CI/CD time,


  • A highly-secure and stable environment
  • CI/CD time significantly reduced from hours to several minutes
  • Costs reduced by thirty percent